I started traveling to United States from 2010 onwards along with my Executive director. At that time we used to have our office at Page Mill Road, Palo Alto. We used to go to University Ave., which is few miles away from Page Mill Road for eating food as University Ave. have all kinds of restaurants on that strip. One of our favorite food places is Orens Hummus situated at 261, University Ave.

Once (I don’t exactly remember the date) it was chilling winter evening, we went to Orens Hummus restaurant for dinner. The restaurant was full and we need to enter our name and phone number on writing pad, which is kept at the entrance of resto, and we have to wait out side in the chilling cold until we get our turn. On that day, I forgot to take my jacket along with me. When I was waiting out side, I asked my Executive Director, why we should not have a software or app where we can enter details and get notified to our phone directly when the table is ready. Until that time we can go around do some other work.

“This triggered the idea – BookMyT, effective and yet very simple table management system for restaurants” – Founder & CEO

If a customer visits once again to your restaurant, that means there is something he/she likes in your restaurant. Do you have a tool or process to identify your customer, once he/she revisits your restaurant once again? After you identify do you have a system or process to take a feed back quickly? Do you have a system or process to provide loyalty points to your repeated customers? Do you have a system to capture the billing info instantly?

BookMyT is efficient and yet very simple table management system that even recognises your customers in 3rd visit itself so that you can make them as your best customer. And take feedback from BookMyT’s efficient feedback feature. If the customer is coming more than 3 times, offer him/her loyalty points by BookMyT’s simple loyalty program. Not only that you can even capture the special dates of your customer like Birth Day or Anniversary Day or you can mark your customer as VIP, so that next time when he/she visits your restaurant, BookMyT will tell you.

For larger restaurants, BookMyT come with Financial Dashboard and Visitors Dashboard. Even you can see live floor occupancy online from anywhere on the go. You can also handle walk-Ins without reservation during non-peak hours. You can also integrate reservation system to your website to get the online reservations to your restaurant.

BookMyT is a collaborative effort of many individuals whom we interacted and worked with. We appreciate everyone’s contribution to make product more efficient and simple.