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An Consultation With the Minister and the Atheistical Who Unitedly Created “Hinge”

Updated on July 4, 2017

Joel Furches


Joel is a author who has worn-out 7 age researching topics of faith. He has a BA in developmental psychology and MA in educational possibility.

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The Curate, The Atheistic, and The Propose Known as “Hinge”

Drew Sokol is a practicing and consecrated Christian Parson. Cory Markum is an atheistical who speaks publically roughly the accuracy of godlessness. Someway, these two selfsame dissimilar masses get go partners in an unprecedented pretend: a populace podcast they style “Hinge.”

How does a man who believes in a personal God ferment cooperatively on a world externalise with a man who believes the opposition: an atheistic who thinks his Christian supporter is, in fact, self-deluded? And what does this on-going circularise flavor comparable?

Hinge is intended as a “narrative” or story-driven podcast most an atheistic and a minister investigation one of the, ie


, almost influential humanity always to get lived. The man named Jesus Messiah. The destination of the podcast is to orbit those multitude who don’t usually trust or let the list to see issues pertaining to faith, story, divinity and early alleged “academic” areas of query: to nurture conversation ‘tween mass with opponent viewpoints.

This author lately had the chance to sit individually with Cory and Drew, and to verbalise to them separately most their desktop, beliefs, kinship, hopes and goals for the “Hinge” podcast.


The Curate

Drew Sokol commencement got the scabies for vocational ministry aft college, when he was support in New York Metropolis. Someways, this resourceful beau positive Learn for America (TFA) to buy a figure of copies of Tim Keller’s Ground for God when it came out. Exploitation this resourcefulness, Drew began to legion discussions around the issue of God’s macrocosm in TFA’s Midtown offices. Drew became delirious to see that these discussions led roughly of the citizenry byzantine to really comely Christians. The flavor of successfully ministering to citizenry done the method of Christian Apologetics was adequate to tie Drew in the management of the ministry – specially during a clip in chronicle when Christianity was progressively marginalized in a lodge of skeptics.

Abaft his avocation of ministry began, Drew obtained a Masters of Theology from Concordat Theological Seminary. His calling in ministry began at Peaceable Juncture Church in Los Angeles, where he served as parson for three-and-a one-half geezerhood. More late, Drew linked Redeemer Presbyterian Church in NYC as parson.

Compact Theological Seminary

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12330 Conway Rd, Creve Coeur, MO 63141:

Founders Foyer, 12330 Conway Rd, Creve Coeur, MO 63141, USA

get directions

Drew Sokol’s journeying to ministry began rightfield hither.

The Atheistic

Patch Cory Markum is an vocal atheistical, he earlier grew up a Christian. During his juvenility, Markum took his Christian beliefs for given. Withal, as Cory got senior he began to sustain questions almost the beliefs he had held adieu.

The questions he had did not look to bear unanimous answers. Complete the grade of meter, these questions gradually sour into doubts, which, successively, finally sour into unembarrassed godlessness. This gradual skid from Christianity into godlessness had no terminus head at which he had a “come to atheism” consequence. Cory good gradually became increasingly sealed that Christianity was all false, and that the God he had big up with did not, in fact, subsist. Cory told this author:

“All I cognize is that I finally reached a period where I no thirster believed in God and that this actualisation was initially fairly of a storm to me. Nor, for the immortalize, did I trust or assay out this alter in notion; it upright happened to me, involuntarily. That may not be a fun solvent, judgement you, but it does look to be the almost honorable one from my position. Shortly, for ameliorate or worsened, spirit made me an atheistic.”


A Surprisal Twirl

Ahead this atheistic met Minister Drew Sokol, the history took a surprising turn:

One day Minister Sokol was discourse a preaching on how Jesus is the origin of trueness therein humanity. As he looked out ended the consultation, a sudden edubirdie review gumption of doubtfulness came bloody fine-tune upon him. For a consequence – midmost of the preaching – Drew began to curiosity if he mightiness be deceiving himself and his hearing.

Exploring the nature of his doubts Drew recalls the wrath he held towards God when his domicile – the metropolis of New Orleans – was wiped from the map by the hurricane of 2005. Drew besides dialogue most his letdown at the covertness of God: how the Creator of the macrocosm does not micturate his creation known.

In the question, Drew says:

“I’ve ne’er been tempted to full-on godlessness, but I get a jolly meaning agnostical mottle in me. Nearly arguments against impression in God aren’t rattling convincing to me, because they unremarkably first with premises that take more cognition than I retrieve we let. E.g., fair because I don’t cognize why He doesn’t continually shuffling Himself open, doesn’t signify thither isn’t a grounds. And hardly because I don’t recognize the grounds why He allows so lots dreaded hurt in the humans, again doesn’t entail thither isn’t a understanding – as disappointing as that is. But piece arguments against Jesus and against the Christian depicting of God aren’t selfsame persuasive for me, that doesn’t savoir-faire the head: is the grounds for Jesus as God adequate to physique my aliveness on those claims?

“At the end of the day, my solvent is yes. But I by no way exist in certainty.”

It is, mayhap, this identical dubiety which became the germ from which Hinge sprouted.


When Drew Met Cory

One day, Drew was hearing to a podcast coroneted “Unbelievable?”. This podcast cavitied a Christian against an Atheistic in a discourse of their versatile views and how those views conflicted. Drew describes his initial opinion of Cory therein consultation:

“In such a polarizing environs in which we cover discussions around ultimate world as roughly kinda play in which we try to metre the early individual more essay the trueness unitedly, Cory smitten me as individual who was both surefooted and open-minded, serious-minded and sound and yet concurrently base. He likewise had a trust to plowshare openly and vulnerably. We got in signature, and the estimation to pass this travel unitedly took off from thither!”

Cory – the atheistic loudspeaker – describes the origin of his friendship with Curate Drew Sokol therein question:

“We chop-chop became friends, outlay hours on the headphone hashing out our several views and beliefs and fair mostly exploring the estimate of devising a podcast some Jesus that appealed to both Christians and non-Christians. Afterward a few months of this Drew asked me if I treasured to be the co-host of Hinge.”

Cory fain and sky-high agreed to Drew’s go!

The Program Comes Unitedly

At kickoff the approximation was to co-author a leger. Still, a champion pointed out that the mod mankind doesn’t genuinely interpret anymore. More that, because the sight was fair as lots an aroused and busyness travel as an noetic one, a story-form podcast started to shuffle the more gumption. Sound – the two distinct – could get involvement and exposure in a way that a playscript ne’er could. Peculiarly as they admit stories of mass who are grappling with dubiety in pregnant shipway, bounteous masses a opportunity to discover their voices (as opposed to upright indication their stories) would enrich apiece sequence of the podcast.

These two men leapt into the externalise – commencement by transcription a present out in L.A. (where Drew lived at the clock) then communion that present with others in decree to get feedback thereon likewise as to startle to shuffling a describe for themselves in the podcasting reality.

So the two looked identical grueling at the feedback they standard from the demonstration. This feedback became the instauration upon which they distinct how topper to build Hinge. So consecrated to this projection was Cory, that he finally touched bent Philadelphia where he and Drew began to work the podcast full-time. This was a longsighted and composite operation, involving inquiry, interviews, sportfishing for stories, penning instalment textile, fundraising and plenteousness bey.

Execution was not promiscuous. The two began to pucker literally hundreds of interviews and tattle to lashings of experts to suffer a database of sound to choice from in gild to cautiously conception the beginning 10 episodes. This workplace was clock overwhelming, and financially expensive.

Can a Rector and an Atheistical Portion a Plebeian Destination?

Both the minister and the atheistical were passionate in their opinion that they could modelling a new way to occupy multitude with whom they disagreed in sore negotiation. This initial passionateness became specially more apposite in lightness of ever-increasing political factionalization and clash inside the Joined States and crosswise the orb.

As lots as the two divided the like sight, their mortal motivations for the propose differed. Drew was obsessed by the movement he saw among urban, learned elites who drifted e’er more fleetly towards a post-Christian panorama of the humankind. This “Post-Christian” lodge, Drew discovered, no thirster viewed Christianity as something to flush payoff earnestly. Drew told this author:

“I’m rattling upfront with the fact that I promise be a parting of turn that surge, and fashioning conversations almost faith practically more of an out-of-doors talks, as opposed to a individual determination.”

Any their differences, both the Rector and the Atheistical craved to micturate something that isn’t barely enlightening and entertaining – but rather, something potent. Something that moves its consultation on an aroused degree and genuinely makes listeners ponder upon the humankind and their position inside it.

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