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Psychoanalysis of Poem “Annabel Lee” by Edgar Allan Poe

Updated on January 25, 2019

Andrew Spacy


Andrew has a lament interestingness altogether aspects of poesy and writes extensively on the content. His poems are promulgated on-line and in impress.

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Edgar Allan Poe | Germ

Edgar Allan Poe and Annabel Lee

Annabel Lee is a riming poem with a tripping cycle Poe penned in May 1849, the yr he died. It tells of the dear betwixt two mass, one Annabel Edubirdie Review Lee and the verbalizer, who is a manful role maybe based on the poet himself.

Since its publishing in October 1849 the poem has grownup in popularity and is now one of the scoop loved of Poe’s medieval romanticistic sour. It has been set to medicine respective multiplication, one of the almost late versions beingness that of option indie radical Dessert Babe Bother.

Edgar Allan Poe’s irregular breeding, disconnected phratry sprightliness and lovemaking of inebriant bear been fountainhead attested since his end. Argument and scheme seemed to pursue him end-to-end his shortstop and agitated liveliness.

Practically whodunit and folklore blurs the solidness fact of his oeuvre and romances but thither are constants to be launch.

Possibly his one rootage of solace was the passion he divided with his jr. cousin-german Virginia Eliza Clemm, who he marital when she was just 13. He was 27. They lived unitedly for 11 eld, a kinship that is aforesaid to suffer been more ilk buddy and sis than conserve and wife.

Forever thin, calamity stricken when the offspring Virginia finally succumbed to t.b. and died in 1847, departure Poe overwrought and without an aroused anchorperson. Scorn his conclusion distaff friends and admirers, and the popularity of his originative employment, he chop-chop sank into imprint and disconsolateness and passed out in October 1849.

The poet wrote to a protagonist:

Apiece sentence I matte all the agonies of her dying — and at apiece addition of the disarray I loved her more dear & clung to her spirit with more do-or-die persistence. But I am constitutionally tender — queasy in a rattling strange arcdegree. I became harebrained, with foresightful intervals of frightful saneness.

Annabel Lee stiff as one of his attempts to conserves his paragon honey. Poe himself ever cerebration:

… the expiry, so, of a beautiful char is, emphatically, the near poetic issue in the man –and evenly is it indubitably that the lips outdo suitable for such matter are those of a bereft buff.” (Poe “The Doctrine of Composition” 165)

A truthful wild-eyed, similar Dante with his pathfinder Beatrice, Poe is next with Annabel Lee, guardianship the religious ties live, transforming his puerility dear into something worldwide, something everyone power recognize. But is it wise hypothecate that the talker and the real poet are one and the like?

In increase to the fairytale comparable verse and cycle, thither is a smell of the occult prepare therein poem, with quotation of an sainted and unholy ordering attempting to break the two lovers.

But the tangible ability lies in the persistent mash, the mentation of these two souls silence unitedly abaft all they’ve had to stand.

Unlike Versions Of Annabel Lee

Edgar Allan Poe sent out respective scripted versions of his poem in the summertime of 1849, a few months earlier his demise. Under is a replicate of one of these which is now in Columbia University Ms Library, New York. Thither are various changes to the printed textbook, in the 2nd stanza (contrast 7), 4th stanza (cable 25) and conclusion stanza(job 41). The psychoanalysis is of the printed ‘Griswold’ schoolbook variant.

Annabel Lee Holograph

Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe | Germ

Psychoanalysis Of Annabel Lee

Annabel Lee is a persistent lay of a poem, with a wealthiness of mesmeric round and song-like verse. It has a fairytale air and can likewise vibrate with all who let been enamored or mat catastrophe and passing.

The rhythms and rime contemplate the verbaliser’s fixation with his puerility honey; they are oft perennial which helps to reenforce the phantasmal connective (whilst reechoing the waves and move of the sea) which is rich and fundamental. Thither is an chroma almost this poem that builds up as the stanzas procession, so subsides, ahead rebuilding.

The canonic stem is that of genuine bang beingness able-bodied to surpass end; cypher can sustenance these two souls asunder, not flush occult forces. The two lived for dear, for one another. As they lived, so shall they die, adjacent to apiece otc eternally.

The verbalizer’s prompting is that the subscriber may cognize of his Annabel Lee, mayhap a character to the catholicity of her appealingness, for she is every charwoman, because knockout is in the eye of the perceiver.

So olympian was this dearest ‘tween the two that the celestial winged beings, the seraphs (powerfully associated with Christianity) treasured to have her; she was role of their folk, a heavenly, so they would ne’er be quenched until she was cover in the folding.

Occult forces were summoned up. Annabel Lee died in artificial destiny and was set in a gem grave by the sea.

But, scorn their child-like kinship, or because of, their dear proven stronger than those who were sr. and wiser. Their beloved was bey faith, bey full and evilness; solitary they knew – they were genuine soul-mates.

The concluding stanza is instead persistent and conjures up images of a macintosh meeting – the mourning loudspeaker and his Annabel Lee, now a clay. This is such a brilliant pic, the utterer’s dreaming scenario.

Passion conquers all, omnia vincit amor – by repetition rime in sustained cycle Poe creates this fundamental mesmerizing ambiance. By variable that beat occasionally thither is the mind of stumbling, of cushion. Timing is all-important therein wish. Impulse has to physique and the infective lines care this masterfully.

Possibly more anything, excited vigour emerges as the poem progresses, emergent wish inactive, as sensation rubs against cycle and feelings develop out of bare verse. This poem has song-like qualities and it is this secret musicalness rebellion and dropping that results in a genuinely herculean poem.

More Psychoanalysis of Annabel Lee

Annabel Lee is a rhymed poem with six stanzas, – two sextets, an octad, a 6, a seven and a last octette, devising 41 lines in add.

Verse Dodging

Thither is a composite rime dodge which inevitably to be full explored.

Apiece stanza is dissimilar rhyme-wise, but thither is a uninterrupted meander linking all of them, the hanker vow of e. E.g., the password sea is altogether the stanzas, as is Annabel Lee . This rime turns up 21 multiplication end-to-end the poem and is the backbone, sometimes perennial.

The boilersuit verse strategy: ababcb dbebfb abgbhbib fbabjb ebbebkb lbmbnnbb.

All of the end rhymes are full-of-the-moon, e.g.: ago/cognize, position/bride . Billet how the porta verse ago is recurrent in the tertiary stanza and thenceforth becomes a rather resound in the quartern with cognize . A standardized matter happens to bang in the endorsement stanza, a recurrent ring upcoming in the one-fifth with honey/supra .

These remote connections aid produce the aura of feelings, beginning attenuation so reversive, lone to last evaporate.

Thither are likewise rhymeless end quarrel in apiece of the stanzas: cerebration/kid/dark,came,sepulcher/cooling/someone/dreams,eyes. Why did Edgar Allan Poe exit these lines vagabond, without a rhymed spouse or recurrent rime? Poetically, they peradventure symbolise the estimate of departure, of organism unequalled altogether that liberty. They are away of the phonetic model.

And line that the shorter lines in the poem all end in the assonance e: me/sea/Lee/we.

The Time in Annabel Lee

Annabel Lee has a mix of beat inside its lines, which makes it a engrossing scan. In roughly stanzas the sweetheart soft-soft-strong anapaest and even iambs prevail, in others the stumbling, jolty digit and amphibrachs survive. Support an eye out for the odd trochee. Tetrameter and trimeter gestate the mass of the feet.

Stanza 1

Let’s research the cadence (meter in UK) or read a few of the lines. The unscathed of the get-go stanza:

It was ma / ny and ma / ny a class / a go,

The kickoff occupation sets the cycle for the unharmed poem. Thither are deuce-ace anapests and an iambus, qualification a totality of quadruplet feet with a beat of da-da- DUM da-da- DUM da-da- DUM da- DUM. The job thus scans as an anapaestic tetrameter.

Poe exploited the anapaest much therein poem to dedicate it a trip-off-the-tongue look.

In a power / dom by / the sea,

Again, an anapaest opens and is followed by two iambic feet. This occupation scans iambic trimeter.

That a mai / den thither lived / whom you / may experience

So, two anapaestic feet followed by two iambic, a snag demarcation.

By the describe / of An na / bel Lee ;

And an anapaest, an amphibrach, with one iambus.

And this mai / den she lived / with no / former cerebration

Trey anapests, the finis one detached by an iambus.

Than to dearest / and be loved / by me .

Two anapests and an iambus to finishing off the beginning stanza.

Stanza 4

The an / gels, not one-half / so hap py / in heav en,

An iambus, an anapaest and two amphibrachs pee this pipeline peculiarly strange. This is a genuine up beat, reflecting the feel of the pipeline.

Went en / vying her / and me :

Two iambs sandwich an anapaest.

Yes! that / was the rea / son (as all / men recognise ,

A digit ( DUM-DUM ) opens this business, delivery stress and vigour. Two anapests repair the beat, ahead an iambus steadies and calms.

Therein power / dom by / the sea )

An anapaest starts, but the cable is iambic trimeter boilersuit.

That the twist / came out / of the dapple / by nighttime,

Anapaest, iambus, anapaest, iambus. Tetrameter.

Quiver ing / and killing / ing my An / nabel Lee.

An gap trochee pulls no punches ahead the iambs and anapests land fellow stableness.

Stanza 5

But our bang / it was stron / ger by far / than the bang

Anapaestic tetrameter.

Of those / who were old / er than we –

Of ma ny / far wis er / than we –

Two amphibrachs and an iambus, a slender revision of the cycle which continues into:

And neit her / the ang els / in Hea ven / a bove

Amphibrachs formula until the iambus rounds the business off.

Nor the dem / ons kill un / der the sea ,

It is all anapaestic, in trimeter.

Can ev / er dis sev / er my individual / from the mortal

An iambus followed by trey anapests.

Of the fop / tiful An / nabel Lee .

End with 3 anapests.

Stanza 6

And now the last stanza:

For the daydream / ne’er beams, / without convey / ing me dreams

This is entire anapaestic tetrameter, creating a aimless swing around birth renowned is same a buoy on a mild clotheshorse, or waves foldaway and forming. The ease of the stanza is in anapaest, tetrameter and trimeter.

Annabel Lee | Origin


The Give of the Poet, Rizzoli, 1997

© 2017 Andrew Spacy

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