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Psychoanalysis of Poem “Intimate Apology” by Rita Squab

Updated on June 7, 2018

Andrew Spacy


Andrew has a piercing interestingness altogether aspects of verse and writes extensively on the matter. His poems are promulgated on-line and in publish.

Middleman Source

Rita Peacenik | Germ

Rita Peacenik and Intimate Apology

Cosy Apology is a poem consecrate to Fred, Rita Squab’s conserve, and is a kinda daydreaming, a soliloquy in which the utterer is focussed altogether on her spouse.

It’s a amorous and wry ferment elysian by dear and tack in the cognition that a hurricane is approximately to hit, viz. Floyd, which hit the coastline in 1999. Maybe this fact has granted form to these internal thoughts.

So this is an autobiographic poem no dubiousness, the loudspeaker moonily observant things in a board in a home, sometimes digressing, loss rachis yet, re-experiencing memories of erstwhile boyfriends, fertilization her stream beloved up in the mail of a knightly horse.

Thither are dissimilar literary devices on show and an strange verse dodging, the poem start off with wide-cut veritable riming couplets in the beginning stanza earlier these first to decay a fiddling, reflecting the approaching of the impendent ramp.

Rita Peacenik is a wellspring known African American poet but is likewise a instrumentalist and trained vocalizer, besides as novelist. Pulitzer loot victor and donnish, she has constituted her figure concluded various decades, concentrating on chronicle, mixer issues, the Melanise clamber and class relationships in her verse.

Intimate Apology is a comparatively lighthearted function but has that technological reassurance and careful contrast which are hallmarks of her ferment. It was offset promulgated in the clip Verse in 2003 and subsequently came out in her 2004 record American Smoothen.

Snug Apology

for Fred

I could plectron anything and hatch you—

This lamp, the wind-still pelting, the lustrous bluing

My pen exudes, drying matt-up, upon the varlet.

I could take any grinder, any crusade or age

And, certainly arrows to the spirit,

Astraddle a mottled maria, legs buttressed as far obscure

As standing in ag stirrups bequeath allow—

Thither you’ll be, with rugged supercilium

And mail scintillant, to set me release:

One eye grinning, the over-the-counter fast upon the opposition.

This post-postmodern age is all patronage: squeeze disks

And faxes, a do-it-now-and-take-no-risks

Case. Now a hurricane is nudging up the seashore,

Strangely manlike: Big Bad Floyd, who brings a horde

Of daydreams: unenviable reminiscences

Of teenaged crushes on despicable boys

Whose just gift was to buss you insensible.

They all had effeminate names—Marcel, Percy, Dewey;

Were slim as liquorice and as chewy,

Odorous with a shadow and excavate gist. Floyd’s

Cussing up a surprise. You’re bunkered in your

Eyry, I’m perched in mine

(Pair desks, computers, hardwood floors):

We’re substance, but tumble brusk of the Cleric.

Quieten, it’s sticky, this happiness—

Who’s quenched just with what’s goodness for us,

When has the average always been word?

And yet, because aught else volition do

To sustenance me from melancholic (outcry it vapours),

I meet this stolen clock with you.

Psychoanalysis of Intimate Apology Stanza by Stanza

Intimate Apology is a poem scripted in demurrer of the poet’s kinship with her economize, Fred. Passim the poem thither is a languorous latria for the manly collaborator, disdain the onset hurricane, or because of it’s impending reaching.

Stanza 1

The vehemence is lots on the get-go somebody loudspeaker’s adoring – she is so blotto by this someone that anything sparks off Fred-related thoughts. It seems that the unharmed distance, the way, the menage and all inside these confines is consecrate to …him, Fred, the economize.

This is a talker who is organism insinuate, confiding with the lecturer. It’s a strictly autobiographic view and thither is an shamelessly attached advance to existence in a loving partnership.

But billet that the talker is in pauperization of this early. When she mentions the countersign grinder it is just because she feels a motive to be liberate that this theme arises. So the verbaliser, the distaff, is mayhap not notion all that effective approximately herself. Thither is an foeman – her own ennui, her own darker thoughts, perchance eve a strong-arm foeman in her aliveness?

This is a moderately clichéd indigence – to be reclaimed by a horse in bright armor, a dude and sheer virile who risks all to relieve the afflicted initiative.

But thither is too the hint that this is a facetious advance; the utterer is organism wry? Thither is no way that Fred would don gothic costume and bait a knight to occur economize her. Sole in her dreams.

Stanza 2

This grand aspect is remaining far bum as the loudspeaker suddenly enters the moment. She may care for a dub to occur trotting capable her but accuracy is, animation in the bodoni era is immobile, engineering based. We wish everything to be an result.

And more to the head, thither’s the flimsy fact of an forthcoming hurricane, called Floyd, which testament add spiciness to a blunt aliveness. Why it hasn’t got a distaff’s diagnose is a bewilder. Aren’t all hurricanes distaff by describe?

The loudspeaker starts to stray. She thinks rachis to her jr. years and her smoochy boyfriends, as slim as liquorice and chewy and in no way like to her flow manly cooperator.

She level remembers their names, calls them milksop (sissyish or debile) and ugly because she is now with Fred, who moldiness be the contrary?

This imminent tempest is causation all sorts of distractions.

Stanza 3

Billet the urban lexicon terminus cussing up which agency either to be ruined or swore at forte…so it’s sure that the hurricane volition be unsavory in around destructive way.

But the two, the verbaliser and the grand horse (Rita Squab and Fred) are amercement, out of trauma’s way. They’re both in their own aeries (an eyrie or aerie is an eagles snuggle), apiece outfitted with desks and computers.

They’re well-chosen decent but they don’t kickshaw apiece otc similar gods, their kinship isn’t celestial but she peculiarly feels darned because she’s constitute a stalls whole collaborator and a hefty conjunct partnership, which helps living the darker position cornered.

The verbalizer feels the clip is stolen – stolen from what, from who, and how? – when she’s conjointly her mate, because mayhap she feels she doesn’t merit it, she hasn’t worked edubirdie reviews arduous adequate for it?

The poem allows the loudspeaker (and Rita Squab) to put her felicity into view. She may mean him when she looks at anything, he may be in everything…but cypher else testament do.

More Psychoanalysis of Snug Apology

Cosy Apology is a 3 stanza poem, totalling 30 lines, cleave as ‘tween stanzas. It is consecrate to the poet’s conserve, Fred.


The offset stanza is made up of riming couplets, all good end-rhymes such as spirit/obscure and permit/hilltop which brings indecorum and closedown for the proofreader, apiece job neatly even up in a verse connive aabbccddee.

The endorsement stanza starts off in the like way, with rhymed couplets, but changes sheet at pipeline 15, the entire end-rhymes skipping a meter so to verbalize, throwing the lecturer pretty, as if the surprise has smitten and liveliness has been brainsick.

Or could it be remembering of those reduce former boyfriends causation the rime break? And not all of the rhymes are good. Check reminiscences/witless and boys/Floyd’s, which are good rhymes. Verse dodging aabbcdceed.

The 3rd stanza has alternate lines of rime, write for lines 25/26 which is a nigh rime dyad. So the theme if one of sloppy liberty – the utterer is at abode and contented adequate to be with her spouse – they’re an near entire riming duad.

Verse strategy: ababccdede .

Time (cadence in British English)

Whilst thither is no set fixture measured arrangement in berth, no becalm grind logical beatniks, thither are lines of iambic pentameter, that is, cinque feet per cable with a da- DUM da- DUM round. E.g. at the jump:

I could / selection an / ything / and esteem you –

This lamp , / the wind- / distillery rainfall, / the glos / sy dark

So the offset contrast has a trochee ( DUM- da) followed by an iambus, a dibrach and two iambs to conclusion. It has 5 feet and iambs rule, so is an iambic pentameter.

The secondment occupation is complete iambic pentameter, with fivesome feet all iambic. Contempt the commas the beatniks are rather easily marked when understand.

But this powerfully iambic first doesn’t cover.

The beatniks change, ranging from 4 to 6 in sure lines. E.g.:

Thither you’ll / be , with / furr owed / eyebrow

So demarcation octet has iii trochees, the stresses on the commencement syllable of apiece fundament, with an spare rhythm at the end. It’s technically a trochaic tetrameter.

I filling / this sto / len clip / with you .

And the close pipeline is a classical iambic tetrameter, habitue beatniks da-DUM da-DUM.

Finis but not least cum the hexameter lines, lines 10 and 11 e.g., yearner lines with wide-ranging beatniks:

One eye / smi broom, / the oth / er immobile / u pon / the en emy.

Cable 10 with six feet, two trochees at the startle, ternary iambs next and a digit to polish.

This office – / postmo / dern age / is all bus / iness, com / treaty disks

Pipeline 11 is a unwieldy kinda mix of iambus, spondee, iambus anapest and iambs, six wide-ranging feet.

Boost Psychoanalysis


When consonants are approximate in a cable, delivery added grain and vocalise essence for the reviewer, e.g.:


standing in smooth-spoken stirrups

Who’s slaked but with what’s



When man traits are precondition to rude things:

Big Bad Floyd…Floyd’s/Cussing up a force.


Were slenderize as liquorice and as chewy

© 2018 Andrew Spacy

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