Earth War 2 Story Uprooter USS Johnston Attacks Battleships and Cruisers – Transcript

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Humankind War 2 Account: Ruiner USS Johnston Attacks Battleships and Cruisers

Updated on Grand 4, 2017

David Search


I try to micturate chronicle decipherable and interesting, warts and all. We mustiness anticipate the by to infer the nowadays and face the next.

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USS Johnston

WW2: Ruiner USS Johnston DD557 | Origin

USS Johnston and Taffy 3

Other in the cockcrow of October 25, 1944, a modest U.S. bodyguard newsboy radical ground themselves nether onslaught from a practically bigger Japanese flutter. Six little date aircraft carriers, saved by tercet destroyers and four-spot littler ruiner escorts, faced quadruplet Japanese battleships, octonary cruisers and 11 destroyers. One of the destroyers, USS Johnston , having helped make hummer to cover the accompaniment carriers and addition their luck of escaping, so sour to onslaught the onset foeman ships.

The U.S. bodyguard bearer group– nicknamed Taffy 3– had been providing documentation for the Confederative landings on Leyte Island, Philippines, where Douglas MacArthur had waded ashore proclaiming “I sustain returned”. Thither were two early alike groups– Taffy 1 and Taffy 2– in the area, but lone the aircraft on their date carriers were inside orbit of the approaching struggle, departure Taffy 3’s minor ships to nerve the foe. The master U.S. violence, Admiral Halsey’s 3rd dart, with its battleships and big flit aircraft carriers, had been decoyed off to the n. In compare to fade carriers carrying 100 planes and advisement 34,000 dozens, see carriers had less than 30 aircraft and weighed 7,000–10,000 dozens.

Japanese Battlewagon Yamato

Earth War Two: Regal Japanese Battlewagon Yamato. 65,000 oodles; 9×18.1-in guns; 12×6.1-in guns; 12×5-in guns. | Rootage

Japanese “Center Force” Included the Goliath Battlewagon Yamato

The Japanese ships, code-named “Center Force”, were opinion to sustain been beaten in before actions, but they had sour some and unkept out done the San Bernardino Pass in the midsection of the Philippine Archipelago. With Halsey harmlessly chasing a bait forcefulness, Japanese Admiral Kurita intended to so psyche southward yesteryear the island of Samar to interrupt the Confederate beachheads. Among his quartet battleships was Yamato , the largest battlewagon inundated. Displacing 65,000 dozens, with ix 18.1-inch guns, Yamato by itself weighed more all of Taffy 3’s ships combined.

Conflict of Samar

WW2: U.S. destroyers and ruiner escorts laying a smokescreen during the Engagement of Samar, 25 October 1944. Billet the splashes from Japanese shells. | Root

Johnston Goes on the Onslaught

Abaft ten transactions of laying a protective smokescreen spell long-range foeman shellfire hide among the carriers, the kickoff Japanese ships came inside extremum compass of Johnston’s 5-inch guns. At 7:10 AM, she laid-off rear, registering hits on enceinte cruisers and acquiring their tending. As shells from the cruisers began bracketing the ruiner, USS Johnston’s Commandant Ernest Evans arranged full-of-the-moon maximal fastness toward the foe, intending to get inside hoagy stove.

Five-spot proceedings afterward, the 2,700-ton Johnston , quieten zig-zagging at utmost swiftness, started sacking on the 13,500-ton big cruiser Kumano . As she easy unopen the gap, Johnston pink-slipped concluded 200 shells and managed to hit Kumano 45 multiplication, scene many fires in her superstructure.


Humankind War II: See mailman Gambier Bay and her escorts laying a smokescreen betimes in the fight. | Beginning

“Small Boys Attack”

As Johnston continued her run, Admiral Sprague, alongside the see toter Fanshaw Bay , issued the dictation: “Small boys attack”. The former two destroyers, Hoel and Heermann on with the 1,350-ton undoer date Samuel B. Roberts , started their own hoagie runs patch aircraft from the accompaniment carriers began assaultive the Japanese ships.

At the uttermost stove of approximately fivesome miles, Johnston pink-slipped her complement of ten torpedoes earlier turn rear into her own gage. The Kumano’s bow was short-winded off by two or trey torpedoes and the battlewagon Kongo had to break its onslaught to annul deuce-ace more torpedoes– but not earlier hit Johnston with ternary 14-inch shells. Besides, deuce-ace 6-inch shells, mayhap from the battlewagon Yamato , smitten the uprooter’s span. The fury of the U.S. onset, nonetheless, had stitched confusedness in the Japanese who opinion they were nether onslaught from cruisers.

Japanese Cruiser Kumano

Reality War Two: Japanese gravid cruiser Kumano. Epitome put-upon for recognition of ships. | Origin

Pickings and Qualification Hits

The hits on Johnston kayoed her guidance locomotive and might to the deuce-ace aft 5-inch guns. Fortuitously, a sudden rainfall cry gave her concealment allowing her gang to pee-pee around exigency repairs. They managed to get two of the aft guns operative again, but Johnston’s upper was cut in one-half. Patch silence secret in the cry, her crowd dismissed 30 shells at a undoer five-spot miles aside then at an forthcoming cruiser. Although she had no torpedoes remaining, Commandant Evans, now absent the fingers of his left as a resolution of the shells striking the span, consistent Johnston to keep the over-the-counter ships devising their crampfish runs.

Contempt problems with their discredited firing mastery organization, Johnston managed to commonwealth hits on the 15,000-ton gravid cruiser Shade then landed 15 hits on the 37,000-ton battlewagon Kongo’s superstructure, ahead reversing backrest into the rainfall and dope.

By 8:30, Japanese cruisers were assaultive the bodyguard toter Gambier Bay and Johnston busy the 13,500-ton gravid cruiser Haguro, marking hits for ten proceedings.

Crossbreeding the T

Following, septet Japanese destroyers approached the see carriers and Johnston intercepted them by “crossing the T”, a maritime tactic where the opposition ships were in cable bum one another, going but the battlefront guns of the leash ships to boldness Johnston’s broadsides. Johnston , though besides beingness shelled, scored a xii hits on the nighest uprooter, which off by. The succeeding undoer took pentad hits earlier turn away then the intact opposition uprooter squadron sour roughly.

Map of the Conflict of Samar

WW2: Dim-witted map exhibit where the Japanese power (red) stony-broke done San Barnadino Straits, rounded Samar Island and attacked Sprague’s Taffy 3 on October 25, 1944. | Origin

Attacked From All Sides

By 9:00, the uprooter Hoel, bodyguard flattop Gambier Bay and bodyguard uprooter Roberts were all sinking. Johnston , lame but quieten in activity, took many more hits exchanging ardour with quatern cruisers and various destroyers. The forwards turret was kayoed so the span was ruined. Commandant Evans affected to the arse of the embark and gave his commands by yelling orders kill done an spread crosshatch to the men manually operational the rudder. By 9:40, foe ardour had last stunned the unexpended locomotive. Johnston was utter in the h2o. The bunch knew they didn’t stall a probability but continued to flack with every leftover gun– every moment the opposition was even devour by them gave the carriers that lots of a trail. Rather of chasing abaft the fleeing bodyguard carriers, the Japanese circled Johnston and continued to teem casing afterwards scale into her natation cadaver. At 9:45, Evans gave the fiat to wildness transport.

Commandant Evans went into the piddle with the others, but was ne’er seen again. Of 327 officers and men, 186 were doomed. Survivors say that as USS Johnston slipped below the waves a Japanese ruiner sailed by, its headwaiter saluting her.


Thither were plenteousness of heroics thereon October cockcrow in what came to be called the Engagement of Samar. The early destroyers and accompaniment destroyers and bodyguard carriers apiece played their role in the apparently hopeless conflict. Although the ships of Taffy 1 and 2 were head toward Taffy 3, everyone knew they could not come yet. Nonetheless, their aircraft were able-bodied to sum Taffy 3’s aircraft in the combat. Evening when the planes had expended their bombs and bullets, they continued to shuffle dry runs against the Japanese ships, safekeeping them napping and breakage up their formations.

Admiral Kurita, positive by the opposition’s boisterous attacks that he was piquant a lots bigger violence, eventually consistent his ships to reorganise then swallow. His living ships finally made it dorsum to Japanese ports where they ceased to be a scourge for the remainder of the war. Trey of his expectant cruisers were washed-up; trey early big cruisers and a ruiner were discredited.

Taffy 3 befuddled two destroyers and one ruiner see and two see carriers (the accompaniment toter St Lo was a dupe of the war’s low Kamikaze tone-beginning). 23 aircraft were baffled. Tercet accompaniment carriers, one ruiner and two uprooter escorts were discredited. Solitary one see newsboy and one see ruiner remained dear good enduringness.

As a resultant of the fulfill, Taffy 3 (Job Whole 77.4.3) standard a Presidential Whole Quotation. The master of USS Johnston , Lt. Commandant Ernest E. Evans, was posthumously awarded the Medallion of Accolade.

Nimitz and Halsey

WW2: US Admirals Chester Nimitz (remaining) and William Halsey | Beginning

Supplement: Halsey Sulked Spell Taffy 3 Fought for Its Liveliness

During the lop-sided involution, Admiral Halsey and his Tierce Evanesce (decoyed outside to the northerly) standard the pursuit content from Admiral Nimitz:

Bomb TROTS TO Piddle GG FROM CINCPAC Activeness COM Thirdly Fade Information COMINCH CTF Lxxvii X WHERE IS RPT WHERE IS Project Effect Xxx Four-spot RR THE Mankind WONDERS

The row earlier “GG” and astern “RR” were nonmeaningful and meant to brand cryptography more hard. Notwithstanding, the intended substance, “ Where is, reiterate, where is job effect 30 foursome?” was translated as:

Where is, repetition, where is project power 30 quadruplet? The humans wonders.

Halsey took this as satire and a personal smack in the expression and went into a craze. For an hr he sulked, doing perfectly cypher spell Project Personnel Taffy 3 fought for its rattling beingness.

Vitality of USS Johnston during Struggle of Samar

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