Why book my t

We have developed a cost effective yet highly efficient solution for restaurant owners to manage their Walk-Ins,Table reservation, billing, feedback, analytics, customer rewards points. It’s for every restaurant big or small, boutique or chain, who wants to stay always ahead of the competition. With no over head expense and an easy set up process which can be done in minutes, we want you to start managing your business efficiently from today. Build a long lasting relationship with your customer



Go through our quick set up process and register yourself today. It's absolutely free for 1st 30 days..!! No credit card info required. You can also get in touch with us by visiting CONNECT WITH US we will help you to set up your restaurant in no time.


Set up

  • You can set up your very own floor plan, we got all the tools
  • If you have multiple branches, we have you covered
  • If you have multiple floors, we have you covered
  • Just follow the steps, and you will be able to set up your restaurant in next couple of minutes

Table management

  • Now that you have set up your restaurant, Floors, Table structure you can start managing your table
  • You can reserve table with number of party detail, send alert text when the table is ready
  • You can allocate party to particular table
  • You can even handle Walk-Ins and directly allocate a table
  • At the end you can take feedback and reward your customer

View Reports

  • Use our advanced business analytics to make better decisions
  • You can see the customer visits and sales
  • We provide you with real time dashboard for data occupancy
  • Reward your best staff
  • Know what your customer like and execute promotional/discount activity